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Ivory, Kat, and Mariah – Ballbusting Party for Three girls and Two slaves Brat Princess


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Feb 4, 2021
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Now the party is in full swing. The girls are all laughing and dancing. The slave continues to try to crawl away as they beat it, but it is trapped. The girls look at all the damage they have done to the miserable slave’s body. They have really gotten some good wrap around the ribcage. There’s no way he can like that! The girls make the slave stand so that they can kick him in the balls more. The slave drops it cannot get back up. The girls change tactics and sweetly coax him back to his feet. One final kick and he really cannot stand anymore. The girls go to the basement to get a second slave, the fat one. Ivory leads the fat one in. They use the old slave as a chair. The fat slave is happy to be invited to the girls’ party. It smiles as the girls dance in front of it, but then, the kicking starts. The slave’s smiles turn to grunts of pain as the assault of boots to testicles begins. The fat slave has to hold the chips now while they kick it. The fat slave drops the chips. The girls make him eat all the slipped chips from the floor. They crunch the chips with their shoes. Both pathetic slaves clean up the bowl of spilled chips with their mouths.

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