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Alex Harper – GWC Volume 2 Perversion Productions


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Feb 4, 2021
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Our guy is a bit shy, got this shoot going on with Alex Harper.
She shows up very attractive model of course, she knows that he’s a foot guy from the photos he shot with Agatha and posted on his Portfolio.
"Your younger than I expected"
"Most of the guys I shoot with are kinda old"
"Really like how old?"
"Fifties plus."
"Your really cute, I usually don’t shoot with cute photographers"
She asked his age and he asked her age back. Their connection is rolling along smooth and getting to be rather flirtatious.
Time to shoot!
Pulls out his little 35mm point and shoot.
"Are you ready to go?"
Alex looking like a deer in the headlights.Must be thinking "WTF is he shooting with?"
"Oh uh, do you mind if I use the bathroom real quick?"
*Steps in to the bathroom to call her friend for advice*
"He’s much younger than the photographers I’ve worked with before"
"What? Yeah, no he’s cute"
"But no the thing is, his camera is.kind of a piece of sh*t and I don’t think I’m going to get good photos.but"
"Yeah no he’s super young, he’s like late 20’s.Yeah he’s really cute, yeah no we flirted a little bit to.
"Ummm I’m kind of thinking about doing something bad"
"Shut up"
"I kind of just want to umm, ya know, do something a little bit beyond flirting. If you know what I mean. I kinda wanna jerk him off"
"No I wouldn’t fuck him, that would really piss off my boyfriend"
Alex was available for what would be called explicit nudes.
That means pussy spreading.
Guy is doing pretty good keeping composer, even asking her to rip the pantyhose for the spread shots.
It’s when Alex voluntary spreads her meaty pussy lips.That things get turnt up!
It’s a wow moment and our guy is now shocked.
The most lippy suckable pussy he’s ever seen!
"Do you like my lips?" Asking, knowing of course he does. She has that those lips that blow minds!
"I know your type, pussy and feet boy"
I think whatever type you are with Alex, you would catch a large labia lip fetish, after setting eyes on it.
"I know a pose you’ll like"
*Puts those feet up in the air*
A footjob pose.he can’t tell if she’s messing with him now.
The photo shoot is getting heavy!
Although guy runs out of film just as things were starting to boil.
"We are doing good, that was a great shoot!"
He says, feeling like the shoot is now done.
"Umm you know, I can notice it"
"Well yeah, sorry" he replies.
"Do you want me to help you take a load off?"
"Whad-da mean?" Laughing in a state of disbelieve
"Oh cmon! Don’t play stupid, I know what’s going through your head right now"
*As she starts to move those slender long soles, teasingly working them to charm his trouser snake further.
"I know why you do shoots like this"
*Pumping her feet in a footjob postion*
"Oh my, Alex you are a naughty girl!"
He’s now asked if he can touch. and is seductively caught in her web.
*In awe of this beauty*
He askes
"What kind of help were you talking about exactly?"
Smiling and lightly humoured she replies
"Oh the kind of jack you off with my feet kinda help"
An outstanding foot fetish based/footjob clip!

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