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Doodie Man

Amanda Blake

www.copro.pw co-founder & scat findom babe
Staff member
Feb 4, 2021
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Doodie Man, the superhero with superhuman defecating powers is the world's strongest bodybuilder with the biggest muscles and the biggest penis in rhe world! He can fly by farting so powerfully that his flatulence propels him through the sky! He is able to make more doodie than humanly possible! His bowel movements are longer, bigger and more powerful than a bullet-train! His doodie is so solid it is stronger than steel! His superhuman buttcheek muscles are so strong they can crush steel and stone into dimonds! He can make towers of excrement taller than sky skyscrapers with a single turd! He is the Japanese superhero Doodie Man!!!

Discussed as his secret identity Hide Tade, a mild mannered Japanese business man working in New York City. Doodie Man can use his God-like defecation powers to save the world or destroy it. The only other person he trusts with his secret identity is secretary Miss Angie Everhart. She loves his doodie! She fingers herself to him every time she watches him defecate. His doodie power grows stronger and stronger every day and soon he may not even be able to contain it!

One day while dictating a letter to Angie, Hide feels his inner working begging their first movements of the day. His guts growl as his insides churn!
A loud -Ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt- is heard across the large corner office room.
"Sounds like you need to make another one of your monster dumps that keep cloging up all the toilets in the executive unisex bathroom! Can I come along so I can watch?" Angie inquired, beaming with excitement.
"Sorry Angie, but you know that I must be discrete whenever I make my monstrous bowel movements. I can't let anyone find out it's been me who has clogged up all those toilets."
"Your dumps have been getting a lot bigger lately. It's getting harder and harder for you to hide that it was you when you're making monster dumps that are bigger than the whole toilet bowl! They even instaled toxic gas detector alarms. Your doodie fumes will set them off immediately!!! Sooner or later someone is gonna find out it's been you destroying the toilets and stinking up the executive unisex bathroom. I'm surprised that you managed to hide it this long considering the monster turds you've been making."
Hide felt his doodie moving inside him and he know Angie was right when he felt how huge this one was already getting. His last dump was the size of a fire hydrant, far too huge to even fit down the hole in the bottom of the toilet. They had to call in a special team of plumbers who all passed out from the smell. After that they had to call in a toxic waste disposal team in hazmat suits to remove it. They had to treat his turd as something radioactive and the whole bathroom had to be fumigated and aired out. If he laid another toxic monster like that he was sure to get caught and he could feel the one inside him was gonna be even bigger by at least twice the last one's size!
"You're right Angie. I think this is gonna be the big one!"
"Every dump you make is the big one Hide! That's why I'm in love with you, you're such a masculine superman when you make those monster turds! And they keep getting bigger! You have no idea how much that turns me on and makes me wet!"
"I'm serious Angie! This dump feels so much bigger than all the others! I may do major damage to the whole building with this one! You need to leave the building for your own safety!"
"WOW!!! That HUGE??? Alright, I guess I'll have to evacuate then." Angie grabbed her purse and started marching out the office. She turned to Hide one more time just as she was at the door.
"I wish I could see it though. It would be so sexy!" With that she left and closed the heavy office door behind her. Hide waited for enough time for Angie to get down the elevator and out the building. The monster growing inside of him grew bigger as he waited. Becoming harder and harder to hold in. But he had to hold it in! He had to for Angie's safety. When he finally saw her down in the parking lot from his window he knew it was time. He couldn't hold it in any longer. He ran down the hall and into the executive unisex bathroom, quickly getting into the first empty stall he cound find. He pulled down his pants fallowed by his underwear, squatted over the bowl and unleashed something terrifying! An explosion of toxic gas from a pre-poo fart that fogged up the whole bathroom in a thick humid green gas fog, setting off the toxic gas alarms, and roared so loud that not only could everyone in the whole building hear it, so could Angie in the parking lot. Her head turned and an overly excited smile filled her face.
"Oh my God!!! I know that sound!!! My boyfriend is taking a monster dump!!!!" Proudly said to herself. Everyone inside could feel the building shake. They thought it was an earthquake but it was something much MUCH worse! A turd the size of a bullet-train barreled out of Hide's ass at such incredible speed it shattered the toilet, tore through the floor of the bathroom and busted through floor after floor beneath it as one side of the building crumbled around it! Angie as well as anyone on the street could see one wall of the building fell off, revealing the turd-train traveling through the inside of it, smashing through every floor in it's way until it got to the lobby and slammed hard into the marble floor, cracking it like glass. But the turd-train was not done yet at all and with no more room for it to go down it now rocketed upwards! Hide was lifted up through the ceiling again and again on his own turd as he just kept pushing out more and more and MORE!!!!! His ass felt amazing from pushing this titanic titan turd out! He let himself embrace the power he felt, throwing his hands up in fists, dubble punching through ceiling after ceiling as he launched himself higher and higher on the ever growing tower of his own bowel movement!
He busted through the last floor and broke out the roof, rocketing himself into the sky on his turd rhat was now a tower, rising up to twice the hight of the building it was bursting out from! In seconds Hide's stool sample was the tallest man made structure ever made and he looked down on the city from his rising bird's eye view.
Looking up at her boyfriend and his creation Angie's hart skipped a beat and she was overjoyed to see her boyfriend was so powerful!!!
"OH MY GOD!!!! He is more manly than I ever dreamed!!!! How are the physics of rhis even possible???!!! I don't know and I don't care! I just love his power so much! I jyst want to fuck him!!!!!" She happily cheered to herself, not caring if any of the hundreds of horny female onlookers who had gathered could hear her. The media was soon paying attention to the unbelievable phenomena that had happened.
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen at home. I'm Lisa Kennedy Montgomery live on the scene of what is being called the turd tower. This is a human bowel movement that is beyond anyrhing ever thought humanly possible. It is now rhe dominant figure in the city skyline and yes its made entirely out of one single solid human, or should I say superhuman bowel movement. Many women have gathered here in the parking lot near the base of it to stare up in awe at it's sheer magnificence and as you can see quite a lot of people are here despite the smell being overwhelming! The smell is pretty bad here where I am, I feel like I'm close to passing out, but it's positively toxic at a closer distence to the buildung. The police have roped off the aria where the smell is too toxic for humans to beathe. Nobody knows how this titanic towering turd is managing to stay up! It's a wonder of nature that is just unbelievable on so many levels! Strangest of all, there is one woman who claims to be the girlfriend of the man who made this! Mam can you introduce yourself to our viewers?"
"Hi, I'm Angie Everhart and Doodie Man is my boyfriend!"
"That's his name? Doodie Man? That sounds like a superhero name. Is he some kind of superhero?"
"Yes! Doodie Man is the world's strongest and greatest superhero!!!! He can make doodies even BIGGER than this! Ten times bigger! A hundred times bigger! A thousand times! A million billion times bigger!!!!"
"Really?! How do you know he can do all this?"
I just know because I'm his girlfriend and I love his doodie!!!"
Just then Doodie Man flys down on the propulsive power of his post dump flatulence and lands next to Angie who jumps into his muscular arms.
"Doodie Man!!!!" She happily cryed as she kissed him.
"Your doodie was amazing today! It was so HUGE!!!"
"That's nothing. My next dump is gonna be MUCH BIGGER than that one!"
"Bigger?!!! OH MY GOD! I can't wait!!!!"
The news reporter saw her chance to talk to a real superhero and took it.
"Doodie Man! I'm Lisa Kennedy Montgomery. What would you say to the millions of women who are watching and being turned on by your incredible defecating powers?"
"No need to thank me. I'm just doing my duty as a superhero! And I can make far BIGGER bowel movements than that one! I am Doodie Man the invincible! There is no toilet I can't clog! No bathroom I can't stink up!!! Hahahahaha!"
The end.